What A Copywriter Can Tell You About Adding Infographics To Your Marketing Mix

You may hear the word “infographic” [information graphic] coming up more and more these days. What’s an infographic and why might you need one? I didn’t pay attention till I noticed an infographic on a popular blog. Soon I was seeing this infographic everywhere: it had gone viral!

What is an infographic?

An infographic is nothing more than a pictorial way to represent information or facts. A pie chart or bar chart with good labels would be an infographic.

Why are we seeing more idiographics these days?

People are getting more visual all the time. Some information is easier to communicate graphically rather than textually.

As a copywriter, I look at infographics as a way to communicate messages effectively and persuasively. For example, the information must be direct and relevant. An infographic with boring, useless information won’t do much.

Successful infographics are simple and purposeful. They use illustrations to make their points. Almost anything can be presented as an inforgraphic. However, I believe that great infographics present information that’s easier to grasp as a graphic.

For example, one infographic illustrates how to make 12 types of coffee drinks, with lines to show how much milk, coffee and foam to add. This infographic shares useful information that would be hard to communicate with just words.

On the other hand, a crowded graphic with a lot of words, with dark type on a white background, will be fighting itself. A crowded wordspace won’t be effective, whether it’s presented as a website or an infographic.

Keep your infographic easy to read. Avoid jamming a lot of info together and using white on black, colored type or confusing layouts. The idea is to draw readers into your info graphic and make the information accessible

How you can use infographics

Make sure the top part of your infographic can function as a standalone symbol that can be embedded in blogs and social media sites, such as Facebook and Pinterest.

When you present your infographic, make sure to include code and permission so others can embed your infographic. The code is just straightforward HTML for a live clickable image. Include your name or logo. You don’t want to copyright: you want to go viral..

Where to use your infographic:

Add them to your blog posts, just like any other illustration. A powerful infographic can become a complete post in itself. Make sure you have permission to use the infographic.

Create an infographic for your brand and signature system.

Create an infographic to illustrate an interesting fact, with your company name prominently displayed. One company went viral with a map of Google.

Finally, grab your infographic from a low-end online marketing back. There’s no need to make a big investment until you’ve tested the waters. Your concept and information will be far more important than your decision to use an infographic, and not all information will be best served this way.

When you combine a strong message with a well-executed infogrpahic, you’ll have a powerful asset… and you just might see yourself all over the Internet.

What Is Infographics? How To Use It For SEO?

First, let us have a look at what infographics mean.

An infographic is a graphical illustration of information designed to make data easily understandable just at a glance. Infographics is used to communicate a message quickly, to simplify the way huge amounts of data are presented, to view data patterns & relationships, and also to monitor the changes in variables over a time period. The process of designing infographics is oftentimes termed as data visualization.

How to use Infographics for SEO?

Well, SEO & infographics work hand-in-hand. In fact, infographics remain one of the most successful methods of link building available today, especially from an SEO perspective. It is capable of generating numerous backlinks compared to the other popular link building methods online. What’s more, over the years, infographics seems to have become much more compelling! Let’s see why:

Effective marketing tool

Infographics are a vital online marketing tool. The significant purpose of the constantly developing fame this best SEO software is that clients nowadays are increasingly inspired by a substance that accompanies visual substance contrasted with only a plain exhausting bit of data. Hence, online business owners & digital marketers choose to use infographics as a great marketing tool to reach out to the masses.

Helps spread brand awareness

Infographics works much like top SEO software that is capable of imparting significant & informative information about your products, services, or brand via engaging visual content. If designed with a precise and correct manner, infographics prove to be a successful communication tool to describe your brand. As per digital marketing experts, infographics can not only increase brand awareness, but also boost your website traffic largely.

Infographics are sharable & linkable

Via infographics, digital marketers can obtain considerable results. Perhaps, an infographic tends to retain the relevancy; it can also be shared easily, even several months following its initial publishing on a specific site. It is one of the top SEO tools.

Helps your content go viral

Content marketing which contains visual elements seems to generate more than 95% of views compared to just plain content. So, adding pictures & other visual stuff to your content certainly helps you enhance its viewership & will definitely make the content go viral.

Creates extra inbound marketing opportunities

It is possible to reuse research of unique information & data for infographics elsewhere in order to generate more and more inbound marketing opportunities.

Provided you make proper use of graphs, charts, tables, pictures & other visual elements, needless to say, you can turn out to become an expert in this field of infographics. Don’t forget that whatever content you deliver in your infographics should be relevant & useful for your target audiences.

Being one of the best SEO software projects, infographics can help you in creating more likes, shares, adherents and endorsers, at last conveying more movement to your site.